300$ para prevenir la Malaria

Minkoameyos. Camerún

Proyecto finalista


Sometimes the architect, with his knowledge and constructive experience, serves an idea which assumes that his main contribution is not so much the formalized through new construction, but understanding that improving what already exists can also change the common habitat. It is to improve an initial nucleus, so to extend the action to the set.
The reasons for the strategic actions are logical, effective, and easy to do. It´s effectiveness has to be an example to follow, must be contagious, as an opposite action to the disease.
Units of action show closed spaces of sufficient size. It is understood that the problem is not therefore the amount but the quality of these surfaces.
Actions are always the aimed at the solution of each of the five parts that we have tried to systematize. From this point we have been looking for how to do it so that the formal result is also attractive.
We know that this contagion, if so, will be the engine of the future regeneration of the Minkoameyos and so achieve the implementation of the maintenance of the houses. The implementation of the General infrastructure, that the neighborhood would already have quality standards would be. It will only remain the implementation of general infrastructures in other to provide a high life level of quality to the neighborhood