Nueva Catedral de Puerto Príncipe

Puerto Príncipe. Haití


The intervencion-reconstruccion of the Cathedral of Port-au-Prince leads us to several reflections, each with a meaning and they give different points of departure, and then the solution comes to be a synthesis of them all.
Collective memory tends to remind us of images, shapes that lead us to the memory of a few facts. In Haiti, these ruins that today we contemplate, take us to the memory of a tragedy that, in our opinion, his presence transcends the devastating facts to become trace of a past as a living tribute to the missing and they find the strength to build a new future. That is why we maintain them. 
However from the constructive point of view we should not use them, we do not believe that they could endure another earthquake, what is more, we must ensure the stability of the remains of the Cathedral before a new earthquake. Also respect what remains was also rely on the type of building, maintaining its trace, maintain its shape took us to stabilize and build without affecting the existing. That is why we propose an external structure that duplicate, overlap the existing. In Pisa, and its baptistery we have a formally similar example, the wall is bent to the outside by a structure, we do something like this, we bend, this time with a heavy duty function a structure that supports the new Cathedral whose form replica that was built at the end of the 19th century.
Modern construction resolves to turn aspects bioclimatic making a more sustainable intervention. Structure works in dynamic equilibrium, there is something in its definition of us closer to the neo-Gothic style in which it was built, but this time its shape is derived substantively from structural behavior. External management of the environment on the one hand seeks a space that accompany the religious function, but at the same time as a place of activity which brings the faithful to your environment. Thus intends to define the enclosure with a few porches-pergola of sale of objects of veneration and worship, and all this between the Palm Grove that brings the shadow outside, which draws the air which then goes to enter the Cathedral. The Palm Grove somehow represents the natural order, the shade and freshness, is the Cathedral contribution to urban space.